Klout vs. Happiness

Klout and Happiness Klout and Happiness

Okay, sometimes I don't get the "latest" right away but eventually it gets to me from the network via Facebook and Twitter. Juxtaposed with the frantic information shared daily is the wisdom that comes from slowing down and meditating on a daily thought or prayer.

Essence of a Mentor

This is an article from my life and business partner, Robert Leaver.  Mentoring is more than a leg up for women, there is a huge legacy in this and it needs to be appreciated as an art form, not as a tool--which many "business" (read mechanistic) organizations lead others to believe as one pursues a mentor for advice and advancement.   There is more Soul at work here!

Who in Your Life has Refrigerator Rights?

Who in your life would feel comfortable enough with you to look through your refrigerator with out having to ask permission?...


The "I Love You Game"

"I Love You" is one of those phrases that some people have no problem saying and others people will only say it at certain times or sometimes not at all. Of all the things I want to teach my kids, letting them know I love you (and that it's ok to say it) is up there in importance to me.

All Done with Isms

One Woman's Journey away from Prejudice

I've got beef with the term feminism - but mostly with the bitter war that it seems to have started. I know that women naturally seem to be sarcastically critical, especially when something they value seems to be at stake. They turn malicious at attacks on their boyfriend or husband, their place on the cheer squad, or their status as good mother, person or friend. But, this bitter war has got to stop.

Feminists fought for a woman's right to work outside of the home, for the right to vote, and more importantly, for the right to be considered equal to men. They won and I appreciate the importance of their hard work. But it seems to me that we, as a people, get hung up on a little word called choice. Just like the pro choice movement regarding abortion, or the choice to breast or bottle feed, or use cloth or disposable diapers; it seems to me the point has been muddled.

Are pro choice people pro abortion? Do they get super excited at the idea of killing unborn babies, like another person might get excited about having another slice of chocolate cake? We all know that isn't true. It's about not taking a woman's choices away from her and telling her what to do with her body, her life, and her family. It is about teaching her the best and safest methods for making choices and educating her on the consequences of her actions. It annoys me when women belittle one another and react with such anger over another woman's choices.