Space of One's own







It has taken me about 4 years to find a space of my own.  I am still aiming for a "room of one's own" as Virginia Woolf recommended for women to cultivate their independent creativity in the 1920's, however, this will do.  The real space was to break out of work that wasn't for me, yet I kept telling myself I was adding value, it was my business--I was self employed--therefore I was in control. Yet why did I gain 20 pounds in 6 years, felt stressed out, resented my business partner (and husband) and just felt empty. 

I created this space as a way to center myself in writing this blog, enjoy the lows with the highs, and do my best to practice consciousness everyday--yes I was living a life of the "mind" worrying, wondering, fearing, etc.  What helped me break out of the business, was an honest inventory of what I valued, and did I do something everyday to honor that.  The answer: "no".  It took 9 months to move out of the business in a healthy way.

So here is my space and the blog.  I hope you'll join me as I aim to live more consciously and honor the values of: loving compassion (self and others), living healthy (real food and movement), living that honors the earth and being creative, and making the right decision to live in abundance with respect to other living creatures.  Now how am I going to do that in America, a society that over glamorizes self-righteousness, consumerism, dominance, competition, and inequities as fair game?

Your thoughts and suggestions? Let's begin!