Cafe with Audrey McClelland

Audrey McClelland picture

We invited Audrey on June 23, 2010,  to share her story so we can uncover a way of living and creating our lives so we are thriving.  Obviously, as a mother of 4 and a full time blogger, she is busy.  But there is more to her story than the juggle.  This is about risk and rewards, going bold, and of course why 6 months matters!

Audrey started blogging in 2005 as the "second" wave of mommy bloggers. That year, after working for Donna Karan International in New York City for six years, McClelland returned to her home state of Rhode Island and co-founded the site, a go-to resource for the entire family, with her mom, Sharon Couto, and her sister, Jane Porricelli. She had gained so much support online with other mommy bloggers and forum conversations that she knew this was the next “big thing” to connect and get support from women.    

Although her work in New York City was engaging and thrilling, upon starting her family, Audrey realized she wanted to work from home. Prior to Mom Generations, Audrey had also started a product review site called "Pinks and Blues" which reviewed baby products.  She added a blog to further inform site visitors and found that the blog was more popular!  That got her thinking:  "this is where I need to be" and she put on her business hat and realized that she needed to carve out a niche. Here she is, passionate about fashion, where Vogue was her bible, and in 2007 a mom with two toddlers and another baby on the way, she had somehow "lost" her fashion sense.  What about other moms, she wondered? Perhaps she could blend her love of fashion with her reality as a mom.