Amy Kalafa


amy_kalafa_2.jpgAmy Kalafa of the Two Angry Moms, was amazing as she merged her talent as filmmaker with her passion for real food, to create a compelling story that connects us to the movement of making our school lunch program a winner, and how being Angry at the right time for the right reasons, makes all the difference.  She was the featured woman of our March 5, 2008 cafe.

The movie inspired a lively conversation among the diverse women in the audience, which included mothers, teachers, nutritionist, kids health specialists, wellness committee members, and entrepreneurs all "self-starters", as Amy observed. The topics discussed resonated on so many important issues that mattered to us:

  • How to make change within a resistant school system
  • How branding yourself as "Angry" can really make a splash and gain attention
  • Why food is thy medicine and how connecting to food's source heals what ails us
  • What resources are available to parents and those within the school system to help facilitate change to a healthier menu
  • When you combine your talents and your passion, you can find your life purpose.

A feature of the Soul at Work Café is to highlight women leading in their own way, as Amy did by making her film. A benefit is that the women who attend leave inspired, educated, and connected with a few more women who can help them along their unique paths.

What to do next:

Join the conversation

We invite you to join the discussion - if you were in attendance or not - everyone has ideas and opinions. Many resources were shared during the conversation, and we encourage you to contribute books, websites, movies, and other resources that relate to this topic. Click here: Soul at Work cafe - Amy Kalafa 

Visit Amy's website:

If you are passionate about what your kids or students are eating during lunchtime, check out Amy's website for more screenings and join her newsletter to stay updated.

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