Michelle Girasole


mg-head1.jpgLeader of our April 25, 2007 cafe, Michelle Girasole is president of Precision Web Marketing, and an online marketing services expert. She has helped her clients, which range from female-owned startups to Fortune 500 companies, market their products and services online, using tools such as search engine marketing, permission-based e-mail, podcasting, blogging, and Web site analytics. Michelle regularly teaches workshops and seminars to entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and business school students. She helped launch a peer-to-peer business advisory board program for the Entrepreneurship Forum of New England. She received her master’s in business administration and marketing degrees from the University of Rhode Island. She is the mother of two young children and three old cats, and the wife of one handsome husband.


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As leading woman and co-creator of a new venture, The Sassy Ladies - a resource for female entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their businesses- Michelle spoke about how she was able to engage her network to be strategic in growing this concept into an actuality. Below are the 2 key themes from her cafe that we would like you to add comments to more will follow:

“While exploring the feasibility of writing a book for the Sassy Ladies venture, Michelle was able to pull in resources to join her in the effort, because she had taken the time to listen fully to the people in her network over time. Because she registered what was important to them, she could relay how this project would be of interest to them.”

The second "seed" the group pulled from Michelle's story on leading in her own way, was about paying attention to both herself and her work, how to do that and why and who else to engage so that you can "pay" yourself first without losing sight of what matters in work and to others.