Ellen Frankel


ellencolor2inch96dpi.jpgLeader of our January 17, 2007 cafe, Ellen Frankel is a dynamic speaker and a frequent presenter at numerous national eating disorder conferences including the annual Renfrew Conference with an average attendance of over 700 people.

In addition, Ellen spent nearly a decade working on eating disorder prevention in schools across Massachusetts, from the elementary through the university level. She worked with students, parents, and faculty.

Ellen lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts with her husband, Steve, children, Allison and Matt, and dog, Karma. In addition to enjoying time spent with her family, her passions include hiking – especially in the Himalayas -- and sipping her morning cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks while reading the newspaper. After realizing that "Life is Short and So Am I," Ellen has tried to live each day fully and freely in the world.


this cafe explored from an individual perspective:
how the different "-isms" of our culture create obstacles for engaging our Soul at Work and how we lead. We found out that it could be anything: yet what binds us are the secret and obvious wounds these external measures did to our dreams and aspirations for achievement.

For Ellen overcoming social judgment about her height was counter-matched by her journey to climb Mt. Everest- a metaphor for us all as we learn to "lead in our own terms".

Key themes that emerged were:
1. Redefining and embracing power.
2. Knowing when enough is enough with measuring ourself.
3. What enhances our soul at work, what diminishes it.
4. How can we futher convene to support each other in implementing these practices.