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6 Questions to Get the Most Out of Life

  • Published on Thursday, 04 September 2008 13:12
  • Written by Amanda Suzzi
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20080901handstand.jpg I have a things to do before I die list, that’s about 300 items long and halfway done. There are some things as simple as making perfume from flowers, and as complex as walking the length of the great wall in china. I chose these things because they’d be great memories to look back on. It is both a personal list, and a list of things everyone should experience. I hope the writing bug bites me again sometime and I’m inspired to write a novel based upon my adventures.

You never know how much time you have left, and trying to cram a list of things into that unknown time can be futile. I’ll do them as life presents the opportunity, but I’m trying to live every day to the fullest in the meantime.

1. Who do I love, and what am I doing about it? If you aren’t spending time with the people you love, change that. If you are holding a grudge against a family member, let it go and reconcile. If you’ve done something to hurt a loved one, ask for forgiveness. Drop the pride, and make up. If you haven’t seen someone in awhile, call them now to set up a date.

2. Am I pursuing my dream, or is fear stopping me? What have you always wanted to do? Maybe something you dreamed of as a child but have given up as unrealistic? Maybe something you still want to do but are afraid of failing? What fears are stopping you? And what would be the worst that could happen if you overcame those fears and pursued your dream?

 If you’re already pursuing your dream, pat yourself on the back. You’re doing awesome!

3. Am I doing something that matters? There’s a difference between doing work, and doing work that really matters. Much of the time, we use up the few days we have on this earth with busy-work, stuff that doesn’t make much difference, and that’s sadly a waste of our lives.

4. What am I doing to help others? Kind of ironically, you get the most out of life not just by taking what you can for yourself, but by giving to others. What have you done lately to help people out? Have you been kind to people? Have you been compassionate? Have you been there for anyone? Listened? Volunteered for those in need? If you’re not doing anything to help others, this is a good time to figure out one thing you can do for someone, and put it into action. Ask this question on a regular basis, and you’ll make kindness a habit.

5. Am I as good a person as I want to be? I ask this of myself all the time. Sometimes, when I’m impatient or selfish or less-than-helpful, I think back on what I’ve said and done and realize that I could have done better. Instead of beating myself up about it, I endeavor to try harder, to remember to allow my better angels to guide me, to rise above the trivialities of life to a higher plane.

6. What am I doing to live life with passion, health and energy? You can do all the right things, and yet live a life that’s dull and sluggish. If you let your health go, you will have little energy and you will waste the minutes you have left on illness. Instead, learn to live a healthy life, with good foods and exercise. This will lead to more energy in your life. And then direct that energy into something you’re passionate about.

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