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Klout vs. Happiness

25-10-2010 Hits:2086 TRIBE Michelle Gonzalez - avatar Michelle Gonzalez

Klout vs. Happiness

Klout and Happiness Okay, sometimes I don't get the "latest" right away but eventually it gets to me from the network via Facebook and Twitter. Juxtaposed with the frantic...

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Essence of a Mentor

02-08-2010 Hits:1784 TRIBE Michelle Gonzalez - avatar Michelle Gonzalez

This is an article from my life and business partner, Robert Leaver.  Mentoring is more than a leg up for women, there is a huge legacy in this and it...

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Who in Your Life has Refrigerator Rights…

13-12-2008 Hits:2788 TRIBE Maureen Umehara - avatar Maureen Umehara

Who in your life would feel comfortable enough with you to look through your refrigerator with out having to ask permission?...  

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The "I Love You Game"

12-12-2008 Hits:2337 TRIBE Maureen Umehara - avatar Maureen Umehara

"I Love You" is one of those phrases that some people have no problem saying and others people will only say it at certain times or sometimes not at all. Of...

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All Done with Isms

20-11-2008 Hits:2312 TRIBE Jennifer Eggleston - avatar Jennifer Eggleston

One Woman's Journey away from Prejudice I've got beef with the term feminism - but mostly with the bitter war that it seems to have started. I know that women naturally...

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