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In 2012 Soul at Work is offering membership options to get you connected to new resources, leverage the network, and toot your horn in leading in your own way!

Membership with Soul at Work gets you into a community of women leading in their own way, resources, and support to continue to lead.  The Soul at Work initiative is about bringing forward real practices as best practices for women leaders. No matter what or where your work place, you have a leadership platform and perspective.  Leading with Soul is about bringing forward the very best in yourself and in others, to make change that matters, as well as embrace new partnerships and effective ways of being to be successful in life. 

Soul at Work has 3 different ways you can join in, and each are customized to make your involvement more satisfying:

Free online, Pay as you attend or join as a Champion member  See below for benefits and fees.

 Why join?

Who is joining?


So many demands on time, money and energy...that we yearn for simpler times.  At the same time we want to contribute, long to connect with like minded women, and use our time wisely to leverage our resources.  This is the time to join up, contribute to the initiative, and make life easier for you by taking advantage of our new programs.

1) Access to new content
2) Discounts to our events or attend without fees
3) Be featured in our member spotlight
4) Join with a fried and be an Angle member
5) Shared member listing for members only

Sign up today, invest in yourself (and Soul) by connecting, supporting, and collaborating with other women who are making change in the world. 

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Women from many  disciplines are joining:

  • Business
  • Higher Education
    Community Development
  • Stay-at-home mompreneurers
  • Health and Wellness
  • Advertising and Media
  • Information Technology
  • Public Schools
  • Management Consulting
  • Human Services
  • Foundations
  • Local and State Governments
  • Activists
  • Arts and Culture
  • and more...

What are the Soul at Work memberships?

The Soul at Work “Free” membership package is designed for anyone who is passionate about Soul at Work’s mission- for women leading in their own way- and wants to be a part of our movement. Soul at Work is designed for a woman looking to deepen their leadership practice on all levels in life.  Not just about leading at “work”, this is about leading with more Soul where ever you are—about being creative and having the space and time to do so. We target many disciplines and types of organizations. Register here!

The Soul at Work “Champion” membership package is designed to give you special discounts to our events and products as well as connecting with our program. In addition, this package offers you a “membership spotlight” on our website in which you show case your story.  12 month membership is $96, Purchase here!




Bi-monthly e-newsletter with tips, "next practices," and short case studies on women leading in their own terms




Our Soul at Work logo to display on your personal website, blog, or social media website that indicates you are in our network and a Soul at Work believer





Free access to our monthly Agora Meet ups (third Friday of the month, 7:45 am - 9:30am)



Opportunity to be featured in our “Members Spotlight” section on our site



50% off our Cafes,  Leadership Circles and other events (value $55 - $110).


To Purchase:

Please select from the our options: Paypal or mail in a check or contact us: 401/351-7110 or email mgonzalez(at)newcommons.com

Free:  Sign up here

Champion:$96/ year

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