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Launching the New Site

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  • Published on Saturday, 13 December 2008 17:51
  • Written by Michelle Gonzalez
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With 2009 approaching quickly, I realized "wow we only hosted 2 cafes in 2008!" What is going on here? Why can't New Commons get its act in gear and put a cafe together.

Oh yeah, time and "timing." Too much going on but excuses, excuses.

What was really eating me, was the fact that so many of you said you would love to attend a cafe but the time, day or month just conflicted with so much that you were working on...

For every woman who attended a cafe, I know of 4 that couldn't attend due to a conflict-- serious conflicts: lay offs, can't find a babysitter, husband/partner had a major commitment that you had to support, too tired, getting to Providence was difficult due to lack of public transportation, and a lot of other very real reasons. Not only are we too busy, but like hungry parasites, too many others rely on us "being there."

So here we are with My Soul at Work website.

A site that is for you to take part in, join online, comment on the conversation at your convenience: day, night, any time. Yes, you can lurk you don't have to join, but please do, so we know who you are and we can further support you aspirations and enterprising ideas and practices in bringing more Soul at Work...no matter what your "work" is. As we all know, what is known as "women's work" is constantly expanding and redefining itself for the better of man-kind!!

Join in, post your profile (even if just an alias), post your services and goods (we want to know what your work is), and if you like join in as an author and post on our Self, Tribe, Workplace, and World blog sections. You are the expert...our focus is to get you connected and supported to other women who are also leading with Soul at Work.




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