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How do you listen?

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  • Published on Thursday, 24 May 2007 20:00
  • Written by Michelle Gonzalez
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How do you listen to yourself and others more fully?

We started with the statement of "only take advice from those who have what you want...and you have to know what you want" as a guideline to map out the enourmous amount of opinions a woman gets when asking for advice. This seed was more of a way to keep the advice in perspective, yet there is a need to also get multiple perspectives.  What do do?  What follows are more comments from our cafe in April about this question:

"Know what you're asking for...not to be rigid in what you want to hear.  Look to where information is coming from and understand how it relates to what you want.  Consider this person has a perspective...what can I learn from it?  Seek a variety of role models to see what you want...sometimes it is about trying to solve a problem, deepen a question or to help you make a choice, so therefore I find I have to put a context or frame around the questions I ask when I seek advice"

Please share your practice around "What do you do and how do you listen to yourself and others more fully?"

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