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Cafe with Joan Dwyer

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  • Published on Friday, 19 March 2010 00:00
  • Written by Michelle Gonzalez
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Our cafe with Joan Dwyer of All that Matters, on September 21 showcased Joan's story and through the journey of building a business, asking for help, and allowing others to step into their capabilities, she was able to let go and move to a new phase in her life.  She has earned a "Ph.D" on this journey and is ready to share with the world what she has learned from experience. 

We learned how she evolved her leadership practice to not only thrive in a holistic business but also to take this know-how and help others to grow their businesses.  This is her 15th year in business, and recently just received the best of RI Monthly for "Best Yoga Studio in South County" in two consecutive years.   

(This cafe was co-sponsored by All that Matters and The New England Holistic Chamber of Commerce) 


All That Matters

Even more, attendees further added to her story their own insights about the following:

  • How much is too much, and how do you know when it is "good enough"?
  • How do I attract people to my work without losing my integrity or "soul"?
  • How can one become a touchstone to the community...and what does the community need?
  • How do you align other's goals for the team or organization with your to achieve the balance?
  • Wildcard:  Are you motivated by someone else's dream/ fear? What is your own dream?

Please comment below and we'll post the notes and audio here soon!


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