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  • Published on Thursday, 26 May 2011 18:06
  • Written by Michelle Gonzalez
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Gail Ahlers

Project: Moving my studio, getting more established sales channels, strategic partners
Capability: Bringing joy, linked in, WBENC info, positive thoughts, Sisterhood of Prosperity, project organization, healthy recipe
Resources:Strategic partners to feed me clients; clients needing custom design, custom awards, custom gifts, motivational symbols

Alicia Alexander
Project: working on it?
Capability: Strategies and connections; accounting/non-profit org. help
Resources: Networking, encouragement

Vicki Charbonneau
Project: Finding ways to feel better physically and mentally
Capability: strong desire; willingness to listen and start thinking positively (1 dot)
Resources: Need a mentor: someone who can send me in the right direction

Ann Ducharme
Project: Body Wisdom; therapeutic bodywork/energy work; movement awareness (3 dots)
Capability: Body work: one-on-one support and facilitation to experience well-being. Admin Support: workflow evaluation and streamlining; systems set-up
Resources: Willingness to experience something you’ve never experienced before! Networking

Michelle Girasole
Project: Soul at Work market vision: what’s next and how best to engage women leaders (1 dot)
Capability: Internet marketing communications. Start-up/entrepreneurship
Resources: Connections – women leadership organizations; feedback and ideas on SAW programming/future; testimonials :)

Michelle Gonzalez
Project: Evolve Soul at Work so that we are sustainable, and a place for women to lead and make change in the world
Capability: Contacts; organizational development; health and wellness coaching; small business financing
Resources: Advisors/Partner in crime; blog content; event helper; photographer; web manager

Victoria Grigaliunas
Project: Freelance graphic designer: would like to generate more capital through my profession so that I may grow my business and hire/create new jobs
Capability: I do it all myself, from sales to design, to billing. I’m ok with that while my business is growing. I help businesses establish their identity
Resources: Need new clients who own a small business or are looking to start a business

Leslie Haduch
Project: Anti-aging coaching: support from Leslie, 60-years young, for mind, body and spirit. I offer a 3 step program to live a healthier, more vibrant life (4 dots)
Capability: Anti-aging expertise: opened 1st health food store in Vail, Co., 37 years ago; innovative positive energy maching: elevates energy vibrations/levels of the body. Anti-aging pill – herbal, scientifically proven. Have the cells of a 20-year old.
Resources: Love meeting open-minded people who have a passion forlife and a desire for exquisite health. Fountain of youth energy assists the elite athlete to the person who strives for spiritual enlightenment

Caroline Mailloux
Project: Connecting with meaningful employment (2 dots)
Capability: Systems-level thinker; passionate; organized; ADAPTABLE!; connector
Resources: Introductions; tips on self-core during stressful transition; tips on creative financial management

Kate Nagle

Project: Open
Capability: Networking support; public relations skills; listening/support
Resources: Potential mentors , insight, wisdom, knowledge

Stephanie Nitka
Project: Theatre for social change, public arts project that truly engages and transforms identified community (1 dot)
Capability: passion; program development expertise; ability to truly listen to need and a drive/commitment to find long-term solution to address need; out-of-the-box thinker
Resources: Connections to people/organizations who are willing to have funds to support project; potential collaborator/partner; $$$

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