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  • Published on Thursday, 26 May 2011 18:06
  • Written by Michelle Gonzalez
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Time for health and introspection (5 dots)

•    Mind + Body + Spirit: balancing all elements
•   Practice “just for 10 minutes…”   to get moving, meditate, or to be creative...just 10 minutes, rather than thinking you have to find 1 or 2 hours
•    When connected to our spiritual path and service, life flows better and the money can flow effortlessly
•    Free time as currency
•    What elements contribute to my well-being? (e.g., music, exercise, etc.)
•    Listening to the advice we give to others
•    Thanking yourself and your body…treat self as “friend”

Irons in the fire, and getting clarity (6 dots)

•    How to embrace uniqueness and not fit into others’ definition and have strength to pursue and grapple w/need for $
•    Be open to what comes along – but help people to help you – use key words…tips:
•    Envision whole life – what do I want my work life to be
•    Use prompts or tools to find support: g.e. self-help CDs to reinforce and create positive mental attitude
•    Draw a map of the aspiration to see connections…mind map with “bubbles” on paper
•    Picture the goal will help stay on track and uncover the next step
•    Transformational thoughts, e.g., Lindsey Kinkade a designer calls herself "Designer Of social situations" to describe how she transform experiences with her party favors.…go ahead and put the thought “out” there

Financial Independence (4 dots): staying the course, surviving transition

Networking (4 dots)



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