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Women's Agora

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  • Published on Thursday, 26 May 2011 18:06
  • Written by Michelle Gonzalez
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Soul at Work Women's Agora met on 7/20/11: 2-hour conversation celebrates how women have made change.

This event is in the spirit of the ancient  Greek "Agora": a place of assembly for both political/ civic engagement – the agora was where ideas were debated – and  commerce was transacted. The agora was where the Greeks learned how to participate in  democracy. Our exchange in the “Soul at work Women’s Agora” will center on  helping each other do the following:  make connections, access know-how, and build mutual support – all aimed at  helping you continue on your path to making positive change.

 We met on Wednesday, July  20th from 8:00 -10:00 am. Below is an overview of our change projects, what we offer and what we need.  Take a look and post what your comments!

Summary includes the votes (dots) for our subsequent cafe conversations, which grew into two distinct themes:

  • Time for health and introspection and 
  • Irons in the fire (too many ideas), and getting clarity. 

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