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Agora Meet Up-October - Projects

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  • Published on Friday, 14 October 2011 18:58
  • Written by Michelle Gonzalez
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Caroline Maillox, CommonCause RI

Project:  Central Fall's Library-keep the doors open!  See the NY Times article and get ready to contribute!
Capability: social media, grantwriting, organizational development
Resources needed: Input on compatible granters in community development and education equality, volunteer recruitment, connecting with media outlets, in-kind donations (technology, programming, etc)

Mary-Lou Lamontage, FreshConnections and many other projects!
Project: In Uganda, Kampala Children's Center and Destiny Africa Children's Choir, I'll be the tour Manger for Spring 2012!!
Capability:  Heartfelt performance which brings joy and hope.  Funding for a Center
Resources needed:  Volunteers in PR, Sponsorships, an Administrative Assistant

Michelle Gonzalez, New Commons
Project: Evolve Soul at Work so that we are sustainable, and a place for women to lead and make change in the world
Capability: Contacts; organizational development; health and wellness coaching; small business financing
Resources: Advisors/Partner in crime; blog content; event helper; photographer; web manager

Karen Lee, of Breathing Time Yoga
Project:  Create a referral network for Breathing Time Yoga's yoga thereapy classes and one-on-one yoga therapy.  Aiming to do this by establishing face-to-face relationships with care providers in other fields.
Capability:  Web-based marketing, email marketing, database utilization, volunteer utilization
Resources needed:  Network with precision, listing of events for care providers that I can attend

Michelle Girasole, The Sassy Ladies and Fresh,LLC
Project: Pay-per-like
Capability:  Connections, marketing brain, entrepreneurial spirit
Resources needed:  Tech brains, funding/ revenue stream for the business

Eva Anderson
Project:  Direct Sales as a retirement plan
Capability:  income generator, improved health
Resources needed:  how to overcome the stigma of MLM

Alicia Alexander, Image Werks, LLC

Project: relaunch of her business 
Capability:  Strategies and connections; accounting and non-profit org. help
Resources needed:  Networking, encouragement

Jennifer Neuguth, Festival Fete
Project:  Developing a healthy company with sponsors and guests/ attendees to my events
Capability:  Connections to artist community, creativity, marketing outreach- cross promoting
Resources needed: Sponsorship contacts, marketing outreach

Julia McDowell, Clinton Health Access Initiative
Project: Build community in Providence of diverse, engaged, passionate people
Capability:  Friendliness, interest in trying new things, desire for social and intellectual exchange
Resources needed:  people who are open-minded, patient and have time

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