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Agora Meet Up-October

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  • Published on Friday, 14 October 2011 18:58
  • Written by Michelle Gonzalez
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Soul at Work Women's Agora met on 10/14/11: 1.5-hour conversation celebrates how women have made change.

We will be continuing these on 11/4, 12/2, and 1/10--see our EVENTS CALENDAR and register for one or all of them ($10 each for non-members)

This event is in the spirit of the ancient  Greek "Agora": a place of assembly for both political/ civic engagement – the Agora was where ideas were debated – and  commerce was transacted. The agora was where the Greeks learned how to participate in  democracy. Our exchange in the “Soul at work Women’s Agora” will center on  helping each other do the following:  make connections, access know-how, and build mutual support – all aimed at  helping you continue on your path to making positive change.

The common themes, and suggestions, we uncovered were:
How do I change perceptions to show others there is opportunity for personal growth and economic freedom with this initiative.
- Start a blog to write about what works what doesn't, become the expert who cares
- Speak at different networks

How do I Inspire and continue the energy of volunteers to keep the "cause" or "tour" sustainable for themselves and for the organization.
- Keep leading by showing them why this matters for personal growth
- Sharing in the limelight
- Maybe create a cooperative?
- Leverage your big donors

How can I be more effective and successful when I have multiple projects and priorities to keep going? 
- Can combine or merge with other's projects  or organization to create the platform for this
- Looking for sponsorship/ funders (as in the non-profit and event business) team up with another group and go for the big ask and leverage each others network and reach.
- Compile the list of corporate contacts for giving and sponsorship and keep asking

What else can I do to building personal community with food & neighbors
- Soup Sundays
- Lady Scouts

What next steps must I do to get the funding to launch a new tech company to develop the product? 
Flesh out the idea in focus groups, sign on the implementation team to be ready, and sign up short list of clients (actual) who will pay for this product when it is luanched?
- Go ahead do the RI Business Plan contest and go ahead and re-apply to Betaspring, persistance can pay off.

Below is an overview of our change projects, what we offer and what we need.  Take a look and post your comments!

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