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2008 Soul at Work Cafes

  • Published on Monday, 10 November 2008 13:25
  • Written by Michelle Gonzalez
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In 2008 we showcased through conversations that matter innovations that women are doing in these areas:


Health care, not just about access to insurance and treatment, but about what makes us unhealthy and what can we do to promote more healthy behaviors, wellness, and take back our bodies and our minds from being polluted by food, air, Corporations, and dis-ease that our current economic model of excess pushes. saw 004.jpg

Education, not just about student performance it is about shaping a public institution that promotes learning, citizenship, and is a healthy and safe arena for all people. In fact, this is one institution where parent intervention (not just engagement), can make it a more healthy and responsive environment to our children and future.

Economic Parity/ Justice, more than equal pay for equal work, but about being the owners of our present and future economy. Women being entrepreneurial in a number of arenas: private, social, environment to make a real living by their work. We need to take our work back into our control yet realizing we have to evolve ourselves to embrace the awkwardness women have about money, financial independence, and creating an economy that is life serving not just money serving. So the question becomes how do we improve and sustain the commonwealth to create local, living economies for others too?

Amy Kalafa of Two Angry Moms 

Ann-Marie Harrington of Embolden Design 


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